A Truth about Human Behavior:  MindSet drives behavior.  If you want someone to change their behavior, you need to make sure they change their MindSet first.

Now, why do we train people?  Is it one, for fun?  Is it two, because we don’t have anything better to do with them?  Or is it three, because we want them to do something new or to do things they are currently doing differently, that is, to change their behavior?  I’ll bet you answered three.

New topic:  Why does so much training fail?  We see a clear need for people to do things differently, we develop (or purchase) superior training that gives them every little step-by-step behavior they need to change and do a great job of delivering the training.  Yet, when the training is over, they don’t do things differently, they don’t change their behavior.  Did you ever think it’s because you either didn’t know you had to or forgot to help them change their MindSet either before or as part of the training?  I’ll bet not.

Here’s the good news!  The process of MindSet change is a very straight forward, three step process.  The three steps are: Thinking, Talking, Doing.  And, that’s all there is to is.  No magic.  Nothing obscure.  Nothing hard to master.  But, if helping people change their MindSet is left out, chances are your training won’t be as effective as you’d like, or it will outright fail!

So, next time we’ll start to look at the steps of MindSet change in order.


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If training fixes everything, how does it explain that lazy Head Receiving Clerk that absolutely, positively knows how, why and when to do the job but doesn’t.  How do you know that Head Receiving Clerk absolutely, positively knows how to do the job?  Because that Head Receiving Clerk has trained all new workers in that job for the last 10 years and each and every one of them has done the job on time, right from the first time and they do it right every time to this day!

Here’s a cold, hard fact.  Training is the remedy for just one thing.  The person expected to do the job does not know how to do the job, or in some cases why or when to do the job.  Training “fixes” a lack of knowledge.  And that’s it, period!

So, will training “fix” that Head Receiving Clerk?  If you said yes, then there is no hope for YOU! In the situation above it is very clear the issue with that Head Receiving Clerk is not a lack skill or of knowledge.  It has something to do with the Performance System within which that Head Receiving Clerk works.

In other cases, it is not that clear cut.  So, how do you determine if you have a training issue or a Performance System issue? Ask the four questions below:

  • What is not getting done that should be?
  • What is getting done that should not be?
  • What do you want to see more of?
  • What do you want to see less of?

These questions identify the areas where an assessment is needed.

Determine if the person/people in question have the skill and knowledge to do the job.  If not, it is a training issue.

If the person/people do have the required skill and knowledge it is a Performance System issue, not a training issue.

If you do not get an answer to at least one of the above questions you do not have a Performance System issue.  But, does that mean there is no issue?  No, it just means that it is not a Performance System issue.

In some cases, it may mean that you do not “like” the person in question.  If this is the case then it is your Performance System that needs attention.

Tip of the day:  Only train people who have a lack of skill or knowledge.

Test of the day:  Why is training people who already know how, why and when to do the job worse than doing nothing?  Because it makes you look like a fool.  Only a fool would train a person who already knows how, why and when to do the job!




TWI & Toyota

On March 30, 2016, in Operator Training, by George Loyer

Below is a copy of the TWI Pocket Card from 1944 – Click the image to enlarge.  Remember this was produced in 1944 which is why the worker is referred to as him.

Below is a copy of the 2003 Toyota approach to learning – Click the image to enlarge.

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