Trouble Shooting Logic is produced by Directed Action Professional Associates with offices in Lake George, NY.

Most of our blog entries are written by George Loyer, our President, Master Trainer and “The Curmudgeon.” Meet George via video.

Directed Action Professional Associates helps organizations improve their results.

We are typically engaged to drive better practice and process in the areas of Performance Management, Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Project Management.  Our customers are business leaders who know that, for various reasons, the status quo is not good enough, improvement is necessary and that everyone must be on the same page for progress to occur.

How We Are Distinctive

1. We facilitate, coach and train “reality-based” human performance technologies, that is, what has been demonstrated effective by superior performers over time.

2. All training interventions involve “application,” that is, participants using the skills we teach to address their current problems. It is not uncommon for trainees to figure out their path forward during the workshop – they solve a problem, make a decision, plan project implementation, engineer a performance system – in a way that more than covers the cost of our intervention. See some of the direct results from our interventions.

3. Our instructors are truly excellent. We frequently receive feedback that we are “the best instructors” that participants have experienced. While several comments are “scattered” throughout our website, view a few comments from delighted customers here.

4. Lots of training firms are “can do” … we are “have done.” See our partial client list for details.

A few more reasons why, in a given year, over 80% of our business is from repeat customers …

We are always learning, and we enjoy connecting with others who are engaged in the human performance field. Contact us here.


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