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On April 12, 2017, in Case Study, Problem Solving, by George Loyer

When we started wave three of the Deviation Analysis, we knew that, in each case, Dydramat dust was only found in production rooms 507 and 508.  Next, we discovered it was found during the regular pre-production inspection.  This inspection takes place just before the start of production on the first scheduled production day after the normal cleaning and maintenance days.  During the inspections on 8, 16 and 24 February and on 3 March they found the Dydramat dust more or less evenly distributed all over the floor and on the production equipment.  Although the Dydramat dust was barely visible, a thorough vacuuming produced from a low of 31 grams to a high of 68 grams.  Analysis of each vacuum bag indicated that in each case the dust was virtually pure Dydramat.  Fortunately, no Dydramat dust made its way into the Microcyn production equipment.  If it had, they would have had to shut down production.

We confirmed that since the Dydramat dust was found in rooms 507 and 508 on 8 February, the only time Dydramat dust has been found is during the regular pre-production inspection.  We know that because since 9 February Product Quality has been checking all active Microcyn production rooms on an hourly basis.  They have found no trace of Dydramat dust.  The only time it is found is during the regular pre-production inspection.

Whenever there is a problem like this, lots of Likely Causes start to fly around, mostly from people not directly involved in the Deviation Analysis.  Based upon the information we had at this point in the Deviation Analysis, we could conclusively rule out the following possible causes that were flying around:

  • Incompetent operators are letting Dydramat dust fly around.
  • The sealing equipment in the clean-up room doesn’t work right.
  • The production equipment in question was used in Dydramat production during the previous cycle.

Tip of the day:  When you do a good job of gathering, sorting and organizing information, you can rule out Likely Causes that do not make sense.

Next time we’ll look at the true Likely Cause and how we proved it.



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